He was kidnapped. He does not carry my Name any more! But after seeing my child growing, I really feel satisfied

In March 2001, we invented a technique to investigate the wildlife crime. We named this technique as “Universal Primer Technology” We have got 12 patents for this invention in all over the world. Now this technology is used all over in India to investigate the wildlife crime. You can read the report of Science Minister about this invention in this news thread – (http://pib.nic.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=108185)

Following this invention, Canadian came with another version of this technique with the new name “DNA Barcoding”. Entire Canada and Canadian govt took it aggressively, spent millions and millions and now who does not know that Canadians discovered revolutionary concept of “DNA barcoding” and who knows that it is indeed “Universal Primer Technology” invented on the land of India for which India has 12 granted patents, filed almost 3 years before the conception and introduction of “DNA barcoding” by them.

By mistake also anyone involved in DNA Barcoding (even in India) ever cite our name anywhere. No problem…..

Now, a new forum named DNA Barcode of Wildlife (http://www.barcodeofwildlife.org) has been started by them. They say – “it is first-ever application (as of 2015) of DNA technology to wildlife crime”.

I am confused. If this is the first ever application of DNA technology for wildlife crime, what is that which we are doing since last 15 years??

India is a liar country!!! The Science Minister lied in the news above where he said that the Universal Primer Technology of Verma and Singh of India is a boon for wildlife crime investigation. The president of India lied in his address to nation on 3rd Feb 2007 when he cited our work in his address. I am also a liar. The facts presented by Dr Jayaraman in Nature India are false. (http://www.natureasia.com/en/nindia/article/10.1038/nindia.2015.20). International Association of Forensic Sciences was wrong in giving me Emerging Forensic Scientist Continental Award in 1999 (16 years ago from now) in UCLA, LA, USA for the discovery of DNA based applications for wildlife crime investigations.

Another Science Minister of India Mr Kapil Sibbal was also forged when he was asked by CSIR to give me Technology Award in the year 2008. NRDC of Govt of India was also just filling the blank to keep my mouth shut when they presented me with meritorious invention award in 2009 for the discovery of universal primer technology for wildlife crime investigations. The BioAsia Business Forum of all Asian Countries was also robbed while they announced Award for my discovery in 2009. What I have personally taught to the 2500 wildlife officers of this country is the story of ramayana and mahabharata and not the application of universal primer technology for wildlife crime investigation. The papers I wrote much before the conception of “DNA barcoding” and all those presentations that I gave in various conferences in France, USA etc during last 16 years were also the thrilling stories of the Jangal book or Herry Potter.

Those “one thousand five hundred” reports on wildlife crime that have been officially submitted by us in the Indian Courts and Judiciary on the cases of wildlife crime may also be just the imagination and hallucinations and not the reality!

We are by birth liars, they are not, who say in 2015 that theirs is the first ever application of DNA in wildlife crime. They announce it as a pilot project and google give them 3 billion to work on this great pilot project and prove it.

Whatsoever they propagate, but the fact is that it is “my own” child. I was not a capable father, or my father was not capable thats why this child of India was stolen.

He was kidnapped. It is a pain for me, but now I see this child growing in the shades and shelter of some one else, I feel satisfied.

The Fellow Citizens of this world – please use “DNA barcoding” as much as you can and help wildlife. Thanks.

Dr Sunil Kumar Verma​

November 18, 2015