Nobel drug for curing Malaria has Indian roots

Deccan Chronicle - Nobel drug has Indian root - Sunil Kumar Verma

West Ignores Indian ScienceHyderabad: Senior scientist Dr Sunil Kumar Verma from Hyderabad has challenged the basis of giving the Nobel prize in medicine this year to Chinese scientist Youyou Tu for the discovery of Artemisinin, an active compound extracted from a medicinal plant called Artemisia Annua that is used for curing malaria.

Dr Verma holds a PhD from the Oxford University and was formerly a Commonwealth Scholar. He is principal scientist at the CCMB in Hyderabad. Dr Verma said in his Facebook post that Artemisinin was a variant of Artemisin, which has been mentioned in books published nearly 100 years ago and was also used in India against malaria.

He cited a book titled Indian Medicinal Plants published in 1918 by Lieutenant-Colonel K.R. Kirtikar and Major B.D. Basu, which cites the use of Artemisin to cure “intermittent and remittent fever”, which is how malaria was known then, due to its symptoms, in 1880.

The snapshots of the Book “Indian Medicinal Plants” written by Indian Scholars published in 1918

Indian Medicinal PLants Citing Artemisin


Indian Medicinal Plants Citing Artemisin - Nobel Prize 2015

Update on 1 November 2015

The Nobel Prize 2015 Debate reaches to Stockholm….

Outlook India Magazine covers the issue of Artemisin Vs Nobel Prize 2015 in detail. The top Scientists from CIMAP, India and the Secretary-General of the Nobel Assembly for Physiology or Medicine, Professor Urban Lendahl now join the debate….

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October 11, 2015